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America .. Pence evades the heart of the presidential election results, and the White House confirms his cooperation in the transfer of power

US Vice President Mike Pence asked a federal judge to nullify a lawsuit filed against him by a Republican for pushing him to overturn the presidential election result, while a White House official accused President-elect Joe Biden’s team of lying about lack of cooperation in the transfer of power.

Pence informed a federal judge in Texas that he could not be considered a suitable defendant in that lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by Representative Louis Gomert, calling for expanding the powers of the vice president during the process of congressional approval of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections next Wednesday, so that he may choose the members of the electoral college.

Outgoing President Donald Trump encouraged his supporters in a tweet yesterday to rally in Washington on January 6, in a last-ditch effort to pressure Congress to not endorse Biden’s victory.


On the other hand, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Russell Foot, said that Biden’s team had made several false statements about the lack of cooperation from the office in the transition process.

The administrative official confirmed that the records show the full participation of his office in the transition process.

Biden’s transition team had accused several government agencies of not cooperating with him during the current period, especially the Ministry of Defense and the White House Office of Administration and Budget.

The Biden team said yesterday that reduced cooperation from the Trump administration in the handover process could delay the process of approving the federal budget.

Georgia elections

In another context, Republican Senator David Purdue announced yesterday, Thursday, that he decided to undergo a quarantine after coming into contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus, thus stopping his election campaign less than a week before the double and decisive by-elections in Georgia that will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

Purdue was slated to be alongside Trump at a rally Monday evening in a conservative bastion in Georgia. But his team clarified in a statement that the Republican senator was in “close contact” with a person infected with Corona, without mentioning whether Purdue would be able to participate in the gathering.

His team added that the results of the virus tests that Purdue and his wife underwent “today were negative, but based on medical advice, they will be subject to quarantine.”

The upcoming Georgia elections have received nationwide attention, as their outcome will help determine the extent to which Biden will be able to pass his political agenda through Congress to be passed in the form of laws.

And Democrats will have to win two seats to be able to control the Senate, while Republicans will have to maintain only one seat to ensure they keep the majority.

Republicans stressed the importance of winning the Georgia elections, which they see as the last line of defense in the face of what they describe as the radical left agenda.

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