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US Senators vote by majority allowing Trump’s veto to be overridden against the Defense Department budget

The US Senate voted Friday by a majority allowing US President Donald Trump’s veto against the Defense Department budget to be bypassed.

The US Senate has moved to bypass President Donald Trump’s veto against a $ 740 billion defense policy bill in a rare procedural vote on New Year’s Day.

The US President had said that he would use the veto to reject the new defense budget, saying: “China is the biggest winner from it.”

Trump, who is leaving his duties on January 20, tweeted, “China is the biggest winner of our new defense bill! … I will veto.”

Both parts of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, voted on the budget for 2021, which is worth about $ 740 billion.

Trump criticizes the budget that does not take into account his efforts to repeal Article 230 of the “Internet Act”, a provision that legalizes the work of social media that the Republican Party accuses of working against him.

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