Jurisprudence that confiscated faith in Islam

Jurisprudence is defined as a group of sub-legal rulings that guarantee the innocence of duty in all acts of worship and transactions, and jurisprudence with this definition dominates the lives of Muslims in a comprehensive manner, as it starts from monopolizing the legitimacy of marriage and the legitimacy of childbirth until after death from the provisions of preparation, burial, inheritance and others.

The jurists regulate the process of devising jurisprudential rulings, through a number of specialized curricula, which include the study of the sciences of language and its arts, the sciences of hadith and men, in addition to the rules of jurisprudence, then all these sciences are governed by the science of jurisprudence, which is the knowledge of the general rules that regulate the blindness of deduction, whether they were based on Its legitimacy is based on the legal rulings which are called (legal evidence) or that work in the event of loss of evidence and which are called (practical functions) such as the originality of innocence, precaution and choice.

Getting acquainted with the jurisprudence industry requires acquiring a solid culture with sciences related to jurisprudence, such as the history of jurisprudence and its schools, as well as mental sciences, such as logic and theology, as well as the sciences of the Qur’an, interpretation, history, biography and others.

These complex and extensive studies require within the systems of studies (Hawzia Mullah) decades of dedication to serious study and perseverance, in order for the student of forensic science to be able to control the workmanship, achieve behavior and master art.

Therefore, the jurists and students of jurisprudence consider themselves the owners of the actual legitimacy in representing and expressing Islam, and there is no legitimacy for all the fields of religious sciences except through the gate of the jurists exclusively.

The domination of the jurists over the representation of religion and the monopoly of the legitimacy of its expression, caused very great losses, not the least of which is the waste of (Islamic thought) as the most important tributary of the modernization of the religious experience and the rationalization of religious behavior. Moreover, the ethical schools in Islam have been assassinated, so that we hardly hear or read about The existence of an ethical school in Islam centuries ago, until the moral references became marginal writings, which the Fiqh Council deconstructed and adorned the libraries of the jurists, in addition to strangling and restricting spiritual schools, so that the atonement of the greatest Sufis and serfs became a natural matter in various stages of the history of Islam, As for Muslim philosophers, they bear the largest share of the cruelty of the jurists and their fatwas of takfiri.

In return for all of this, jurisprudence has provided Islam with a legacy of hatred, violence, cruelty and ruggedness, and the foundations for a legacy that is difficult to confront from intolerance, extremism and obsession with formal details at the expense of substance and purpose. But they neglected the provisions of honesty, trust, good neighborliness, good cohabitation, honesty of parents and compassion, and books of fiqh became trenches for rulings.

Jihad, atonement, and appointing the infidels, the dhimmis, and the treaty, while the provisions of faith, tolerance, harmony between religions, the etiquette of dialogue, and the management of diversity and difference are absent, and in jurisprudence a slave market legalizes the provisions of slavery, captivity, marriage, divorce, menstruation, menstruation, postpartum, and the veil, at the expense of the concepts of motherhood, equality, women’s rights, freedom, empowerment and dignity.

Islamic jurisprudence emptied its spiritual, moral, human, cultural, artistic and creative loads, and presented it in the form of rigid, monotonous, codified rulings, similar to laws in the courts, so Muslims became accused, Islam was a big prison, jurists were judges, mosques were prisons, whistleblowers, preachers, and clerics were jailers, and vocabulary such as freedom and justice became an existential threat to religion. And the Muslim became terrified before any critical attempt aimed at correcting the course and liberating Islam from its captivity.

The jurists have prevented Muslims from communicating with God, glory be to Him, and restricted the relationship with Him to a heavy series of boring routine procedures and complex details, which would extract the flame of spiritual longing from the heart of the worshiper. It overshadows the warmth of the family and the innate affection and compassion between the spouses.

It is difficult for a Muslim to invoke God and humble himself in prayer (jurisprudence), because it depends on its validity on controlling the dress, the place, the qiblah, the time, the ablution, the type of water, the way to pray it, the image of standing, the method of performing the takbeer, reading, kneeling, prostrating, tashahhud, tashahhud, taslim and controlling recitation. The school of thought and following the more knowledgeable jurist, and the payment of the Zakat and the fifth of the money and other conditions, conditions and requirements.

And any attempt at social, cultural, political, or economic reform in Muslim societies always stumbles on a continuous basis in front of the stubborn rocks of jurisprudence and the toxic thorns of the jurists, because the jurists have made a backward civilized, ethical and cognitive society, and rejecting any cloud of rain that brings spring, planting and fruit, because the jurists endow the Muslim with fruits. Proximalism,

luxury and happiness in paradise that God has saved for the most people who follow and obey the jurists and abide by the provisions of jurisprudence, and as for the world, as it is permissible for them to call (life) it (the prison of the believer) and jurisprudence takes care of the administration of this prison.

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