Environmental rights

Human impact on the environment

The environment

The environment, in its general sense, is all that is present on the earth, including living things and inanimate objects, and the gases contained in the atmosphere, this vital medium that God Almighty created to prepare the healthy life for living creatures, including humans.

These components are subjected to a change in the properties of their elements, causing an imbalance in the environmental balance, and humans, plants and animals are affected by this imbalance, which is called the term pollution.

Humans are considered one of the biggest factors that cause pollution in the environment on a local or global level. At the local level, the impact of man is limited to the small environment surrounding him. At the global level, the human impact is by pollution of the atmosphere, which results in climate changes and acid rain.

Examples of human influence on the environment

There are many examples that confirm the extent of the bad influence of humans on the environment in which they live, including the following:


The effect of man by reducing the vegetation cover was a great influence, as he cut trees to use their wood for domestic purposes or for heating, and man caused fires that lead to burning wild plants in particular.

Overgrazing also affects a lot in reducing the germination of these plants again, as burning them or overgrazing them by the livestock in an unfair way reduces their flowering and the formation of seeds that re-grow in new seasons.

As we know, plants contribute to maintaining the levels of gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Plants depend in generating their energy on taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and giving oxygen, in contrast to the need of other living things as they take oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

Factory smoke

The smoke of factories and transportation has caused the pollution of the atmosphere, and as a result of this pollution the formation of acid rain, the phenomenon of global warming, and an imbalance in the ozone layer that crosses the gaseous wall that reflects the harmful rays coming from the sun.

Chemical pollutants

Humans use many types of chemical fertilizers and agricultural pesticides in order to increase agricultural production, and when they overuse these materials, a large part of these materials seep into the earth’s layers, which leads to pollution of the groundwater.


With the increasing number of people, their need for housing, roads and other public facilities increases, all at the expense of agricultural lands.

Petroleum derivatives

Oil extraction is concentrated in sites and industry is concentrated in other locations, which necessitates the transportation of oil from the place of its extraction to the places of its use. Gigantic tankers are used to transport these materials that travel long distances in the middle of the seas and oceans, and it often happens that quantities of oil leak from these ships and mix with sea water It kills the fish and other marine life on which the fish feed. The more human progress increases, the greater the human influence on the environment.

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