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Letter to the United Nations Mission in Iraq

Gentlemen in the United Nations Mission on Iraq, UNAMI, respected people


On 10/12, the “Citizen Movement” was subjected to a dangerous and organized political assassination that exceeded all expected and imagined. On the 10th operational day, this “Citizen Movement” began to be presented by the Communists and Sadrists, the militia media, and the Iraqi resistance factions. Britain and sending a message of reassurance to Mr. Muqtada Al-Sadr that included the “constitutional path”, but Al-Sadr’s response was clear in his tweet, “There is no place for you in Iraq.”

And he is prevented in this “impudent” way, and he is prevented from entering his homeland in front of everyone’s eyes, without being stopped! The digital militias affiliated with the “Sadrist Movement” carried out an organized campaign that was monitored at the “Citizen Communication Center” affiliated to the “Citizens Movement” and were inciting people against me personally and against the “Citizen Movement” and accusing us of working for the benefit of Israel, the West and America, and their violence was the only thing for them. .

The leading communists, including “Jassim al-Halfi”, carried out distortion, defamation, aggression and incitement unusual and unnatural. The logic of the citizen, the law, and the just judiciary, and the last thing he did was to assign his personal companion to place my picture on the Turkish restaurant building “Mount Uhud” to announce my refusal to enter the Tahrir Square and incite the demonstrators to kill me.

Then the Sadrists and the Communists and their allies from the coordinating organizations linked to them in one way and another issued a statement in the name of the “Coordination Groups of the Iraqi Revolution” on 9/12 declaring their innocence from me and from the “Citizen Movement”. It calls on the demonstrators to “stand against, reject and expose the Ghaith Al-Tamimi project and the Citizen Movement

Then they put my pictures on the ground on the path of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, placing the American, Israeli and British flags in their demonstrations and events.

Then they issued statements in the editorial broadcast on the night of 10/12, that is, about 12 hours before my arrival date.

All of this takes place one night after the Al-Sinak massacre, in which dozens were killed, and this pregnancy contributed to blinding and misleading about the suspicious role of the Sadrists and Communists and the remaining of the militias in this massacre.

I will not tell you about the official threats that I received from politicians and militia groups, and in a brazen manner that denotes the vengeful and criminal spirit that inhabits their souls and among these well-known politicians “Izzat al-Shabandar”

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