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Tehran: Our response will be overwhelming for everyone who approaches our red lines

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement to “Fars” on Friday that Tehran’s response will be overwhelming for anyone who approaches the red lines drawn by his country.

He said, “We are confident of responding to any American measure and are ready for any scenario.”

He stressed that Iran will not tolerate its national security and national interests.

He added that Israel realizes that Iran will respond overwhelmingly if it approaches its red lines.

He pointed out that some reports on US military formations in the region in preparation for war are realistic, and some of them are media fanfare.

He pointed out that there are indications of diabolical American moves in the region, carrying them out with the consequences of any new adventure.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that his country does not seek to create tension, but is completely serious in defending its national interests, noting that Tehran has informed Washington, through private channels, that it bears the repercussions of any new adventure in the region.

He also added that they have told countries in the region to be wary of falling into the trap of some plots.

He said that Iran will not initiate any action, but its response to any aggression will be inevitable and firm.

He added that the countdown to removing Trump from the white paper has begun and he must come out with a face-saving measure, stressing that the American president will leave bearing a sinister legacy and that Iran will not forget the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and his companions.

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