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What is the Citizens Movement?

Citizens Movement

It is a human rights social movement that works to spread awareness of citizens, expand the circle of social and political participation in building the country, and consolidate the feeling of belonging to the homeland and harmony among its children.

(Objectives of the Citizens Movement) First: Spreading awareness of the citizen as an intellectual and philosophical concept, a human rights system, and a community culture.

Second: Expanding the circle of social and political participation in building a citizen’s state, respecting the law, maintaining order and the constitution, and contributing to the process of sustainable development in Iraq.

Third: Consolidating the feeling of belonging to the homeland and coexistence among its children on the basis of a fair citizen and equal dignity and acceptance of the other and rejecting racism, sectarianism, hatred, extremism, intolerance, violence, terrorism and political beliefs that reject the other and are hostile to human rights.

Fourth: The Citizen Movement aims to provide a social group that will be the citizen’s custodian and defender, and that is the Iraqi home for the creative Iraqi social diversity.

Fifth: The Citizen Movement aims to entrench the values ​​of the citizen among individual citizens and make them laws, procedures and policies adopted in the country.

Sixth: The Citizen Movement aims to build states, institutions protected by effective and rational laws that regulate the life and stability of citizens and guarantee the prosperity and development of Iraq.

(Mechanisms for achieving goals)

The Citizens Movement depends on a number of mechanisms in achieving its objectives, the most important of which are:

First: The organization of “citizens” coordinations within Iraq and the diaspora that include various groups of segments of Iraqi society working to strengthen the “citizen’s spirit” among them. For the sake of strengthening the social fabric and bridging the bonds of brotherhood between citizens, based on belief in others, acceptance and coexistence with them.

Second: To organize and cover community activities and events, and work to provide a social, cultural, and political incubator for citizens, believers and defenders.

Third: Organizing advocacy campaigns, advocacy, and mobilization of public opinion on the necessity of maintaining the constitution and applying laws in a fair and safe manner. Just.

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