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Iraqi Citizenship Project Peace, prosperity and stability for Iraq

The High Commission for the Citizenship Project and its strategic institutions

,,,, A kind Iraqi greeting

A brief overview of the Iraqi citizenship project and the structure of the project so that the picture is clear for all the candidates to work within the project and that they can see the general structure of the project and the leadership of the constituent bodies of the project and that is from the principle of high transparency that the project enjoys and that all members are shareholders and not only existing symbols Within the project

The founding bodies of the top leadership of the Iraqi citizenship project consist of the executive leaders of the strategic institutions listed below

Citizenship Party: It is a democratic human rights organization that seeks to establish a modern, prosperous state that adopts the values ​​of citizenship in freedom, justice, dignity, and the development of political, social and cultural life in Iraq.

Citizens Movement: It is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, social, human rights movement that works to spread awareness of citizenship, broaden the circle of social and political participation in building the state, and consolidate a sense of belonging to the homeland and coexistence among its people.

Citizenship Fund for Development and Social Security: It is a fund that aims to create a system of social security and care and soft loans with targeted benefits to develop the private sector and provide opportunities for youth to actively participate in the labor market and production.

Mwatana Center for Research and Strategic Studies: It is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political institution that aims to provide public opinion, the private and government sector, and mixed studies and research to address crises and problems and achieve the highest levels of scientific, intellectual, cultural, economic and political development. This center strives to establish partnerships and sign memoranda of understanding and agreements. Twinning with the most important research and scientific centers sober in the United States, Britain, the European Union and others.

Mwatana Center for Legal Consultations: It is a for-profit company that provides local and international legal advice and pleads on behalf of international investment companies and federal interests in the public and private sectors.

Mwatana Cultural and Family Investment Resorts: They are family entertainment clubs with long-term cultural and investment goals. The club consists of a compound of not less than 20 dunums near the city centers in which it originates, for example “Mini Baghdad”, Basra, Mosul or Kirkuk. It is a modern, unique and beautiful urban painting that expresses the identity of this city and the culture of its community.

These resorts include the latest conference halls, seminars, workshops, cinemas, theater, a special institute for training in the cinema industry, theater, painting, sculpture and music, in addition to a gym, gyms, cafes, swimming pools, gardens, restaurants, rest places in addition to an Internet center, a public library, studios, photography sites, etc. Especially for children, and centers for education, entertainment and care for children, the elderly and people with special needs.

We would like to inform you that our cadres will communicate with you later after checking the data and approving your “citizenship ID”. Then your membership certificate will be sent with “citizenship ID” through which members will be able to enter into the “digital system” of the project and participate in its meetings, leadership and decision-making. And invest in his financial capabilities and professional career.

Our staff will inform you if there is a defect in the data that hinders the completion of the audits and the approval of the membership application. We are pleased to reassure you that our staff have the highest levels of transparency, professionalism and commitment and will deal with all challenges positively and cooperatively in order to overcome all obstacles in your favor, because you are the real capital of the project and we are keen to deal at the highest levels Respect and professionalism with the “capital of citizenship” which is the “Iraqi human” without discrimination on the basis of sex, color, race, religion, belief, language, origin, opinion, inclinations or other discriminatory factors between

Citizens, we are strictly committed to providing full respect for these inalienable and safeguarded rights of the Iraqi people under the umbrella of the “Comprehensive Just Citizenship in Iraq Project”. To communicate and inquire please send a message to the e-mail below: [email protected]

We offer you our best wishes for times of security, peace and happiness for you and your honorable families

Your friends Citizenship Project Secretary

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